We advise our clients to grow and achieve triple performance (financial results, environmental and social responsibilities) through agroforestry and permaculture behavioral design

What is CRESCAM Engineering?


Gain a deep understanding of how Climate Change impacts  individuals and organizations

Analyze  existing  ecosystem, examining how it relates to Growth Objectives and aligns with  Environmental, Social, and Governance values

A Diagnostic unlocked

Our approach is consultative and  based on a thorough diagnostic of your ecosystem.

Establish and analyse  your purpose, your values, your Business model, your growth objectives  your key behaviors and how they align together.


Integrate this new and sustainable approach by applying permaculture and agroforestry principles to traditional cultural patterns.

Redesign the key behaviors exhibited towards clients, providers, people, stakeholders, and community.

A bespoke Design

Benefit from an innovative, agile and personalised approach applying Permaculture and Agroforestry principles to your organisation. 
Review your behaviors towards your stakeholders (your clients, your providers, your people...) and align them to both your ESG values and your growth objectives.


Experiment the effectiveness of our design and implement the agreed approach to achieve its full benefits. 

Foster widespread adoption and seamlessly integrate them into the ecosystem to align with your Growth objectives and ESG values

Jointly developed Solutions

Apply Agroforesty and Permaculture principles to address multiple Business challenges and a wide variety of scales.

Build an action plan together and align the key behaviors that provide the financial results to your ESG values and your Growth objectives. 

Where is CRESCAM Engineering sourced from?

Perrine Kope Food-Forest

Nestled amidst the Danyi Plateaus in Togo, Perrine Kope Farm stands as a living laboratory where the seamless fusion of Permaculture principles and the intricate tapestry of multi-tiered African forest agriculture comes to life.

Just as anywhere else, the path to unlocking sustainable growth hinges on the evolution of behaviors. It's about keenly observing our surroundings, embracing core values, weaving in cultural practices, and balancing short-term yield goals—all culminating in a collaborative journey towards fostering green, enduring growth.

This dynamic model finds its resonance in every human ecosystem, echoing even within the fabric of our businesses


Our Mission

CRESCAM, from Latin "I will grow", has raised from the awareness that our Growth model needs to evolve, due to Climate Change.

CRESCAM is at the linchpin of a professional and personal commitment in people development that we've taken a step further into the relationship with Nature.

In the same way that Climatic Change has been brought by Human activities we believe that the solution sits with Human Beings and especially in the way they address our natural capital.

Further to the awareness of the challenges and even technological or operational evolutions that solve part of the issue, CRESCAM is targeting the Human element and how People behave to bring the necessary change into the Business.

Sustainable Growth means committing to triple performance, (financial results, environmental and social responsibilitie).

That can only be achieved through behavioral change, be it in an African farm or in any Business environment in the world.

Our Insights

Let’s cultivate our garden

Let's hear from you

A keen understanding of your situation, your values and your objectives and trie magic of our Engineering will unlock for you a sustainable Future.