Permaculture Principle OBSERVE AND INTERACT applied to Leadership: a wake up call

Observe and Interact applied to Leadership

In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and team management, the Permaculture principle "Observe and Interact: The beauty is in the eye of the beholder" serves as a vital wake-up call, urging leaders to recognize and harness the unique dynamics within their teams.

🌀 A New Leader's Zeal 🌀

John stepped into the bustling environment of his new department with a clear vision. His predecessors had left behind a legacy of high performance and a team that thrived on internal competition. Brimming with ambition, John was eager to leave his mark on the team. However, his rush to action obscured his understanding of the team's intricate dynamics and the delicate balance that had been carefully nurtured.

💥 The Spark of Discord 💥

In his haste to implement changes and stamp his authority, John missed the unique harmony that existed within the team. The individual strengths of team members, when combined, made the team not just successful but formidable. His rapid-fire changes and relentless drive to brand the team with his own signature led to friction. What once was healthy competition turned into a source of division, causing performance to dip and tensions to rise.

👁️ Seeing Beyond the Surface 👁️

As the discord grew and performance waned, John took a step back and reflected on the permaculture principle: "Observe and Interact." In his initial approach, he had overlooked the inherent beauty of the team's competitive spirit – a dynamic force that, if properly harnessed, could elevate their collective performance to new heights.

🌿 Cultivating Synergy 🌿

With a renewed perspective, John began to see each team member's competitive edge as a unique and valuable contribution to the whole. Rather than pitting them against each other, he encouraged a culture where they could collectively challenge the market. By aligning their individual strengths towards common goals, he transformed the team into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency.

🌱 A Sustainable Shift 🌱

John redirected the competitive spirit from internal rivalry to external benchmarks and market challenges. This strategic realignment not only preserved the team's high-performing nature but also fostered a more sustainable and cooperative work environment. The team began to thrive, using their competitive drive to outperform external expectations and benchmarks, which in turn strengthened their unity and collective success.

🌟 The Blossoming Outcome 🌟

John's transformation in leadership exemplifies the essence of the saying, "The beauty is in the eye of the beholder." By observing the inherent strengths within his team and interacting thoughtfully, he turned a group of individual stars into a constellation that shone brighter together. This journey underscores the power of thoughtful observation and interaction in cultivating a high-performing, cohesive team.

The Broader Implications of "Observe and Interact" in Leadership

John's story serves as a powerful reminder of the broader applications of the permaculture principle "Observe and Interact" in leadership. Here are some key takeaways that leaders across various fields can implement:

1. Patience and Perception:

Taking the time to truly observe the dynamics at play within a team can provide critical insights that might otherwise be missed in the rush to make an impact. Patience allows leaders to perceive the underlying strengths and potential areas of friction.

2. Tailored Interaction:

Interacting thoughtfully based on observations ensures that changes are made with a deep understanding of their potential impacts. This approach minimizes resistance and maximizes buy-in from team members.

3. Harnessing Diversity:

Recognizing and valuing the diverse strengths of team members can transform potential competition into a collaborative effort towards common goals. This not only enhances performance but also fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

4. External Focus:

Shifting competitive energy from internal rivalries to external challenges can unite a team in their efforts to excel. This external focus drives collective achievement and reduces internal conflicts.


John's evolution as a leader highlights the profound impact of the permaculture principle "Observe and Interact." By observing the strengths and dynamics within his team and interacting with thoughtful intent, he was able to transform discord into synergy, competition into collaboration, and a collection of individuals into a unified, high-performing team.

As we continue our exploration of how Permaculture can infuse sustainable and successful behaviours for your company, we invite you to reflect on the potential that lies in observation, interaction, and the harmonious blend of competitive spirit and cooperative goals.

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