This carefully curated learning pathway provides you with insights into what permaculture is, the ethical foundations it is built upon, and the 12 permaculture principles that underpin permaculture design.

Permaculture in 15 minutes
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    Permaculture in 15 minutes

    What is Permaculture?

    A glimpse into the world of Permaculture

    • Short story of Permaculture

      A video created by DogsGowoof Production staging Bill Mollison and David Holmgren telling the story of how it all began

    • What is Permaculture?

      In this article, the Permaculture Research Institute defines Permaculture and the philosophy behind it

    • A definition of Permaculture

      In this video, the definition of Permaculture is given and a little bit of its history is discussed. This is part of Oregon State University Free Permaculture Course (

    Permaculture, the Ethics

    • Permaculture Ethics: Trailer

      This short film is bonus content part of the feature documentary Permaculture The Documentary. Featuring Co-originator David Holmgren and Indigenous Australian Nyoongar, Yondee (Shane Hansen) centres around the Ethics of Permaculture and sustainability.

    • Permaculture Ethics Infographic

      This article in presents the 3 Permaculture Ethics: the ethics of earth carepeople care and fair share form the foundation for permaculture design and are also found in most traditional societies...

    The 12 Permaculture Principles

    The IPCC 6th report was published in March 2023

    • The Permaculture principles

      This video by Oregon State University presents the 12 Permaculture principles by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The Permaculture Principles guide our design decisions and formulate the structure of our Permaculture system. We are using David Holmgren's 12 principle version which are used to help guide every Permaculture design.

    • Permaculture Design Principles infographic presents the 12 Permaculture Principles and a link to each of them